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Charlotte, NC 28277

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Want to free your potential as a singer and let it blossom fully? At Voice Instruction Charlotte you’ll get the understanding and experience you need to do exactly that. Experienced professional singer and instructor Robert Wendell uses special techniques that help you rapidly develop natural, efficient, and powerful but relaxed, healthy singing.


The key: strain-free, relaxed skill in the voice itself fully uses the amazing power of breath from your diaphragm. You’re freed from vocal effort even on very high notes. You project easily without a microphone. Voice Instruction Charlotte has many students who have experienced this for themselves.  

We work in all major musical genres, including Classical, Blues, Jazz, Scat, Rock and Country.  Students range from amateurs to professionals, children ten years old to middle-aged adults---at all skill levels.  We work comfortably, enjoyably with each student to reveal the relatively effortless vocal power and beauty anyone with a normal, healthy vocal anatomy has hidden within.

At Voice Instruction Charlotte these solid, practical principles help you vastly more than learning a few new songs and pronunciation techniques. Mr. Wendell’s careful observation and guidance helps you greatly improve the way your voice works with his extensive knowledge of traditional technique and the science behind it. You won’t just stop wearing your voice out. You’ll build it with use!

Come to Voice Instruction Charlotte to unlock the true power of your natural voice.  We look forward to working with you.

Robert Wendell



Robert offers the Charlotte area voice training services that range from teaching beginning singers to coaching accomplished professionals in multiple styles:

  • Classical

  • Blues 

  • Jazz 

  • Scat 

  • Rock 

  • Country

Voice Instruction Charlotte offers expert general instruction for healthy singing that is amazingly efficient, effective, and beautiful for any style. But don’t be deceived. If you’re interested in classical styles, intensive classical voice and ear training to any level is available for those with a special interest in singing classical literature. Robert can help you accomplish a very high level of competence in this genre along with excellent diction in Italian, French, and German. On the other hand, in ear training Robert has helped even so-called tone-deaf singers sing accurately on pitch and with well justified confidence.

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The lessons.com letter announcing to Robert that they honored him for the third year in a row as Best in 2018 for the Charlotte area included the following very inspiring statements:

“I'm excited to announce that you've been named Best of Lessons.com in 2018... Congratulations! We looked at dozens of other pros in your area, scored you on more than 10 variables… This is no small feat. In fact, the Best of Lessons.com pros make up less than six percent of all Lessons.com professionals."

Paige Allison M.

After taking vocal instruction with Robert Wendell for less than a year, I can confidently say now that I am a singer, which is great because I love to sing but never had the confidence to do it before. 


Robert is a lovely man knowledgeable about all aspects of voice instruction - musical, acoustic, scientific, and more. I'm really looking forward to future lessons. 

John F.

I've been seeing Robert for a little over a year now, and my vocal abilities have drastically increased because of it. 

We offer our students a level of expert training and study that is normally limited to students who reside in or around major metropolitan areas such as New York City, Los Angeles, Nashville, Paris, or Vienna. Better, we offer this at rates that are within the range of the average middle-class consumer.  We can and will help you get the most out of your talents so you, too, can unlock the power of your natural voice.